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Helping to Provide for People in Need through Successful Partnerships

Helping to Provide for People in Need through Successful Partnerships

As the second largest city in Massachusetts, Worcester’s population includes homeless individuals, substance abusers, refugees, immigrants, veterans, and low-income families.

One of the organizations that is helping meet the basic needs of these individuals is a local nonprofit that feeds hundreds of individuals every Saturday and distributes groceries, clothing, and hot meals to the homeless.

Provision Ministry has been able to significantly increase the impact of this nonprofit by connecting them with a national NGO and a local organic food company. These two partnerships have resulted in thousands of dollars of donations of new, branded home goods, clothing, footwear, and healthy organic food. These goods are distributed directly to some of the poorest people living in the Worcester area.

In addition, Provision Ministry has teamed up with a local snack vendor and a large supermarket company to provide thousands of dollars’ worth of snacks and practical home goods, so far, this year. The result? More people in need benefit from the work of this ministry through better and more abundant donations.

This is what Provision Ministry is all about – bringing people and resources together to help better equip nonprofit organizations with the supplies and resources they need to serve those who need a helping hand.

Are you looking for ways to fulfill your corporate social responsibility (CSR)? Provision Ministry partners with many corporations that have first-quality excess inventory and services to donate to those in need. To find out more about getting involved and giving back to your community by helping others, visit our Get Involved page to learn more and Contact Us.

Photograph by Linda Zawadzki Photography

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