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We Work 'In the Middle' To Build a Force for Good

Helping Fellow People is Our Happy Place

TEAMWORK Helping People in Need is Our Mission

Our mission calls on us to be the missing link between those who have resources to donate and those who need them. We work in the middle, doing everything from packaging and distributing food and new clothes to leading volunteers and building partnerships to help even more people. There’s no place we’d rather be.

MEET OUR CEO TOM Building a Legacy by Spreading Hope

If everyone had access to food and essential items — a new toothbrush, a hearty breakfast, a sturdy pair of shoes — the world would be a more hopeful place. It’s that vision that drives Tom Slicklen. As the CEO of Provision, he leads the mission to uplift those in need by providing basic essentials that instill a sense of hope and dignity.

Since starting Provision, he has directed the distribution of food and new essential items valued at over $116 million. Last year alone, he oversaw the distribution of food and goods valued at $62 million. To Tom, it’s only the beginning. By telling the story of poverty from the perspective of real people rather than dire statistics, he wants to inspire more organizations and individuals to take action. 

In his role, he draws upon his personal history of struggle, his career in the footwear industry, and lengthy experience in the nonprofit world. He served for a decade as the New England Area Director for World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization, and six years as the Director of Development at Straight Ahead Ministries, an international nonprofit.

Whether he serves in the most impoverished areas of the world or right here at home, Tom remains grounded in his faith and passion for showing each and every person in need that someone cares.

Tom Slicklen - Provision Ministry

“When you realize that every person struggling to make ends meet is a loved one, a neighbor, a friend, the urgency of our mission becomes all the more meaningful."
-Tom Slicklen

OUR LEADERSHIP TEAM Meet Our Board of Directors

Tom Slicklen

President & Treasurer

A passion for helping the vulnerable and a wealth of experience from global nonprofits serve Tom well in his Provision CEO role. While the past saw him travel the world to improve the lives of the poor, he now focuses all of his energy on growing Provision into a force for good in local communities.

Laurie Casagrande


Laurie set the tone for her career in business school with a concentration in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). She leveraged that knowledge in her Sales Strategy & Ops role at UNFI, the main supplier of Whole Foods Market. Combined with her expertise in delivering insightful business proposals that target opportunities for retail customers, Laurie is a natural fit for Provision.

Jay Chung


Jay is a serial restaurant entrepreneur with a strong philanthropic streak. The owner of Seoul Kitchen in Westford, Mass., one of the premier Asian restaurants in the state, is also the founder of Eat to Give Foundation. The foundation partners with restaurants to provide meals to local soup kitchens and charities through a “Buy One, Give One” concept.

Brian Burns

While compliance and regulations is the focus of Brian’s daytime job, the CEO of Validant is dedicated to helping underserved populations across the country. In addition to his leadership skills, Brian brings a wealth of experience that benefits Provision, including quality assurance and operational management from some of the country’s largest healthcare companies.

Carol Slicklen

Carol is the Director of Administration at Nowspeed, Inc., a digital marketing agency.
Her role includes everything from accounting to human resources, and integrates with all operational functions of the company. In addition to being a board member, she provides bookkeeping and administrative support to Provision's operations.

OUR TEAM Meet Our Operations Team

Tom Slicklen


Tom has a passion for helping those in need and a wealth of experience that serves Tom well in his Provision CEO role. He focuses all of his energy on growing Provision and increasing it's impact in local communities.

Laurie Casagrande

Development Advisor

In addition to serving on the board at Provision, Laurie consults to support Provision’s donor relations, fundraising, and operations functions. Laurie's career goal is to use business as a force-for-good.

Carol Slicklen

Administration Advisor

In addition to serving on the board at Provision, Carol provides support to Provision’s administration, operations, and accounting functions. 

Deb Temple

Logistics Coordinator

Deb's role at Provision is focused on donation management and distribution of food and other essential items.  She is our resident expert.

Dan Tedone

Development Coordinator

Dan's role at Provision is focused on donor relations and development. He is a natural at leading Care Pack Events and can also be seen on the road distributing donations of essential items.  

Lily Borst

Administration Coordinator

Lily's role at Provision is focused on keeping everything organized and running smoothly. 


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