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With Us, Every Donation Becomes Meaningful

IMPACTFUL GIVING We Link Provisions to People

Every day, thousands of men, women and children in underserved populations don’t have access to the resources that could dramatically improve their lives. And every day, hundreds of companies and individual donors have either funds or excess goods and services they would like to donate. The challenge for nonprofits is finding those who can meet the needs of the people they serve.

Enter Provision. We know exactly where the need is and how to make sure every donation reaches the right hands. Through decades of relationship-building we have nurtured networks that enable strategic distribution for the most impactful giving. If we’re not receiving and packing donations, we’re on the road delivering them to our nonprofit partners. With us, every donation becomes meaningful.

A NOTE FROM TOM With Gratitude

“Thank you so much to our supporters and to our nonprofit partners serving on the frontlines. Working together we are able to provide individuals with food and basic essentials that mean so much when you’re struggling to make ends meet.  It is a privilege to be able to serve those in need.  I’m motivated every day to expand Provision’s reach when I remember that each person that we serve is someone’s loved one. Together, we can build a brighter future.”

Tom Slicklen

OUR STORY Created To Amplify the Impact of Giving

Provision grew out of a desire to connect the right resources to those who need them most. Before Tom Slicklen founded Provision in 2017, he had seen for himself how many grassroots organizations struggled to meet the basic needs of the people they serve; yet many companies and individuals he personally knew had the capacity to step up and help. If only the nonprofits had access to those resources, they would be able to effectively serve more people.

With nearly two decades of experience in nonprofit fundraising roles, Tom had developed a wealth of connections and had gained the personal knowledge of what it takes to fulfill the needs of nonprofits - The exact qualifications to create that missing link.

Now, the impact of Provision is felt across communities in New England and the Midwest, and as far south as Florida.

The need, too, is growing. Every day, we work tirelessly to provide basic essentials that bring hope and dignity to the most vulnerable among us. And you can help.

STRONGER TOGETHER Relationships Are at the Heart of What We Do

We work with corporations and individuals

Provision’s effectiveness rests on our ability to empower corporations, churches, foundations, and individuals to understand and respond to the need in their own communities. We then distribute the resources they wish to donate to quality nonprofits that serve those who need it most.


FUELING THE MISSION Making the Hub Go 'Round

Powering Provision requires more than a few helpful hands. We leverage local warehouse spaces and our own fleet of distribution vehicles to secure donations, sort items, and selectively pack delivery trucks with goods for transportation to our frontline nonprofits. Our hubs are always buzzing with activity.

ON THE FRONTLINE Donations Reach the Most Vulnerable

Our network of nonprofit organizations work on the frontlines of need. No one knows how to help vulnerable populations in our communities as well as they do. And we know how to equip them with the resources they need to maximize the impact on the people they serve.
Help us help them.


GRATITUDE REPORT We Stretch Every Donation for Maximum Impact

Everything about Provision is structured to reach as many people in need as possible. Our efficient distribution network, partner resources, and wealth of volunteer contributions all come together to keep our costs low.

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SEE US IN ACTION Take a look! Provision’s New Video Really Tells Our Story

Thank you to all our donor partners and receiving organizations who are helping others day in and day out.

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