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Van full of Food Donations

Provision providing roughly 1,000 pounds of organic food for families

Hunger in America continues to be widespread.  It has been reported that food insecurity is 24% higher in Massachusetts, for example, than it was a decade ago. This means that about 1 in 10 households need help getting enough food.  Even though unemployment has decreased, incomes just aren’t keeping up with the increasing costs of living.  In too many cases, nutritious meals are bumped to the bottom of the priority list behind things like rent and child care.

Ending hunger is a lofty goal, but an attainable one, believes one grass-roots nonprofit in Framingham, MA who is striving to stamp out hunger in their city.  This organization, supported by volunteers, regularly delivers nutritious meals to neighborhoods with food trucks and packs bags of healthy groceries each week for school children to take home on weekends to share with their families.  Further, this organization is developing a model for food security that can be replicated in other cities across America.  This is so awesome!

To help in this effort, Provision Ministry recently delivered about 1,000 pounds of organic food, donated by a generous local organic food company, to this Framingham nonprofit.  This donation contained nutritious food items like wild rice and lentil beans, pasta and tomato sauce, oatmeal, soups, peanut butter, and salad dressings.  Also, included were important staple ingredients like flour, sugar, and salt.

Another way that Provision Ministry supports families who are struggling is by working with corporations and community organizations to sponsor Family Meal Pack team building events.  Family Meal Packs are drawstring bags containing 15 healthy meals including oatmeal breakfasts, mac & cheese and potato soup lunches, and rice & bean casserole suppers that are distributed to under-served families in local communities.  To find out more about sponsoring and hosting a Family Meal Pack building event visit the Provision website:

Provision Ministry is dedicated to sourcing the most nutritious and highest quality food donations possible to support local nonprofits who are making a difference by providing meals to those facing food insecurity.

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